Selection Criteria

In order to qualify for an ARPC Trial you must be training as part of the Blues Squad from at least May 2017 until Trials in September 2017

The RPC selection criteria has 3 main parts

1)      Ergometer Performance

2)      On-Water Performance

3)      Future Athletic Ability

Athletes are selected into the RPC under one of the following age groups. These age groups will determine the standard you need to meet

RPC Age Groups

Elite: If aged 23 or older on the 31st December 2019

U22: If aged 22 or younger on the 31st December 2019

U21: If aged 20 or younger on the 31st December 2019


Elite men – 6.07              Elite women – 6.55

U23 Men – 6.07              U23 Women – 7.03

U21 Men- 6.15               U21 Women – 7.12

L/W Elite – 6.19              L/W Elite – 7.16

L/W U23 – 6.23              L/W U23 – 7.23

L/W U21 – 6.30              L/W U21 – 7.25

Please Note: (All current RPC athletes retrialling need to better their 2k erg test from September 2018)

  • Erg times maybe updated and reviewed



Athletes take part in 3 on-water races at Karapiro against all other RPC trialists

The boat classes are heavyweight 2-, heavyweight 1x and lightweight 1x.

Boat Speeds need to be in the range of 92% of the WBT for U23 and Elite Athletes, 90% of the WBT for U20 Athletes depending on conditions


Not all athletes develop at the same pace or come from the same training background

The following list are areas that are also considered when trialling an athlete for the Auckland RPC

Height and arm span

Peak Power test, 30’ @ 22 Test, 500m Test

Perceived athletic potential to improve and develop

Rowing technique and boat moving ability

Attitude to training and racing

Team compatibility

Sports science data


Coxswains need to register their interest via the nomination form.  They will then be contacted and asked to provide a CV of previous experience and goals.  All interested coxswains will need to attend our RPC ERG trials in September and will be interviewed during day.


All RPC Trial Information provided here is subject to change without warning and was correct at the time of posting. Please contact us for specific information